Our Team

AV Constructions, we pride ourselves on our people as much as our projects.

We recognize that our diverse, multi-skilled workforce have the desirable skills and competencies to deliver excellence in all our activities. Working together, we provide customer satisfaction at every level to maintain our reputation as honest, reliable and quality contractors.

Managing Director’s Message

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. I have been blessed to have the quality of people surrounding me and our company that I can also refer to as family. One of the keys to our success is empowering transparency on all levels. I realize that without input we will not be able to achieve our goals both professionally and personally. In proclaiming 2004 as the year of efficiency, no opinion will be left unheard on achieving just that. We continue to grow strong as a team and we strive to become more unified. We are constantly seeking out new relationship where we can continue to surround ourselves with the caliber of people that help us make a difference. As a company we value our employees, value each other, and want to make sure we all feel appreciated, included, and empowered. We are always actively searching for additional team members that share our same philosophies.

Venkat Reddy Jakka

Managing Director