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AV Devaki Meadows

AV Devaki Meadows

IN Ongoing
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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

Open lands have always been everyone’s desire. More than a desire, they have been a way to make the most from their investment. Or make the most of their imagimation by building a residence of their dreams. Or just grow vegetables and fruits and do farming. Welcome to AV Devaki Meadow, where once you own up a plot, it’s open for your imagination and ideas.

AV Devaki Meadows is not just a mass of land and plots with in them. But a place that has everything to make line interesting and fun here. Whether in the future you wish to build a house here or wish to come here to do farming on your plot of land. Come to look at it, this could well be your weekend get way, where you come for peace and rejuvenation.

AV Devaki Meadows is a community of planned plots evenly spread across the mass of land here in the geography of Keesara. Set on 50 acres of land, here’s a world in itself that’s and away from the noise and nastiness of city life. Come, experience the vastness you’ve always wanted to be embraced by.

Quite like you would want to have choices from the open spaces here, being at AV Devaki Meadows is like being in a meadow, but split into plots you can own. With 454 plots here, you have a plethora of features and amenities that add to the glory of this place. With everyting from parks to plantations, pipelines to road lights, there’s so much around here to be complete.