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AV Hyma Residency

AV Hyma Residency

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January 1, 1970
About Project

Insightful: Quite Like We  Know You Well

AV Hyma Residency is an offering of AV Constructions. The group that specializes in making homes that are built out of insights and understanding of homedwellers’ needs. We build homes to evolving lifestyles and emerging trends. So here’s one of the many homes in our portfolio of offerings, so you can live in style.

Home to exquisite apartments, AV Chandana Heights is indeed the pride of Hyderabad, enchanting, distinct and extremely beautiful. Done up in all luxury, AV Chandana Heights boasts of the latest architecture and contemporary design with all amenities like A/ C gymnasium , Landscaping Rain – harvesting pit Intercom Facility etc.

Endearing:  Quite Like a Story Tale

The warmth of a beautiful home. The feeling of a home you much looked forward to in life. The feeling of fulfillment that you never experienced before. The joy of having a home you can call ‘mine’. Have them all, make your life feel like a fairy tale. In a home called AV Hyma Residency.

Alluring:  Quite Like a Charming Abode

It always feels good when we live in a home that fascinates every passer-by. Well, it feels even better when you come back to it after a hard day’s toil. It’s where you want to unwind in leisure, rewind to beautiful times, and wind up at the end of the day. We are creating such a home, one that’s charming enough to make you feel good for life.

Vibrant:  Quite the Life You Envisaged

AV Hyma Residency is a pot pourri of interesting corners, engaging leisure and tiny destinations that become more of social spots. But then, the community’s amenities also takes care of its residents’ fitness, safety and well-being.

Central: Quite the Place You Need for Access

Reside in the middle of one of Secunderabad most populated locales of Tarnaka. It’s as central as it can get in this side of the twin-cities. Right next to this is everything you’ll need – right from connectivity, education, healthcare, entertainment, dining, shopping to worship, including the Hyderabad Metro Rail line, too. If you are looking for an outstanding location, this is where you need to really belong.